We specialize in custom art fabrication using advanced 3D printing technology. Our experts partner with clients to create quality pieces from end to end: from an idea to a digital model to a finished sculpture. No project is too small for us. Whether you need to 3D print a small prototype or a special trophy, we provide quality service to bring your project life.  

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3D Visualization

Do you want to make an object but don’t know how to 3D model? Don’t worry. As long as you have reference images or sketches, that’s good enough. We can work with you to 3D render and make it happen.



There are many 3D printing techniques out there. It is important to choose a right technique to move forward with your project. Also, 3D printing is not magic. You have to understand the limit and possible options. We are specialized in adapting 3D printing to create quality pieces.

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Painting / finishing

We also paint and finish all in-house. If you want something sleek or matte, let us know. We will make it happen.